Welcome to Artsphoria's Store

Welcome to Artsphoria's Store

Posted by Andrea Karen Hammer on 29th Mar 2020

Thank you for visiting Artsphoria's Store

Handcrafted, Artistic and Unique Gifts

As you explore our unique items, you'll find products ranging from handcrafted home decor pillows to artistically designed custom gift baskets. To support your health, wellbeing, creativity and productivity, you will also discover great deals on gently used yoga and exercise videos, music CDs, used books, new and used home office supplies and more. 

When you select uniquely designed products from Artsphoria's "Patchwork of Hope" series, 10% will be donated to a homeless shelter or others currently in need. If you fill Artsphoria's "Home" tote with three items from the store, we would like to show our appreciation by offering a 10% discount!

Create a Custom Gift Basket

Artsphoria Store displays several in-stock gift baskets, which are ready for shipping as soon as your order is received. If you prefer, we are delighted to create custom gift baskets, based on you budget and the recipient's special interests. 

Just let us know if you would like a small ($25), medium ($50) or large ($75) gift basket. We'll design the perfect gift for your family members, friends, colleagues and others who deserve special recognition.

Basket shapes and designs as well as specialty items are based on availability. Substitutions may be made to stay within your specified budget.

Questions, Special Requests and Advertising Information

Do you have a question about our handcrafted home decor pillows, T-shirts and totes? Would you like to customize any of these items with a name or word of your choice? Are you interested in learning more about custom gift baskets?

Along with answers to any questions, we are also pleased to respond to requests for advertising information, including the option to spotlight your artwork or other products in Artsphoria's Store.  To get in touch, email Artsphoria Director Andrea Karen Hammer at artsbiz@protonmail.com.