Many Options Through Artsphoria Publishing's Build-a-Custom Book Service

Many Options Through Artsphoria Publishing's Build-a-Custom Book Service

Posted by Andrea K. Hammer on 16th Aug 2022

Remember the days of curling up for hours with a good book? With schedule demands and other interests scattering attention, a long uninterrupted block of time has become a rare commodity. To accommodate altered reading patterns and preferences to make personal selections, Artsphoria Publishing has launched a unique Build-a-Custom Book Service.

Wide Spectrum of Colorful Book Covers

To begin the process of assembling a personalized edition of Artsphoria Publishing's debut novel, a wide spectrum of colorful book covers are available for this novel experience. Along with the traditional options of white, black and brown book covers, cheerful solid colors including yellow, blue, green, orange, red and pink infuse these imaginative stories with energy. More adventurous readers may select the "Surprise Me!" multi-color book cover item for an extra splash of joy!

Dust Jacket or Paperback Cover

Would you like to protect your colorful book covers with a dust jacket featuring the title and central book illustration? Do you prefer a paperback cover for a lighter edition? You may select either or both options and send copies to friends!

Personal Chapter Selection to Create a "Novelette"

With the chapters from MANY OPTIONS AROUND THE WORLD by Andrea K. Hammer set in various international locations, readers may also select the ones of personal interest to assemble a custom "novelette" (short novel). Each chapter may be read independently or in different combinations, so the choice belongs to each reader! We hope that story lovers will order the entire debut novel, but Artsphoria Publishing is dedicated to fulfilling individual interests and preferences.

Chapter, "Chapterette" and "Chapterette Pop" Options

Besides allowing readers to select chapters of interest, Artsphoria Publishing has created several variations of each one in print:

Chapter: Are you a reader who prefers to focus on the words of a story? This text-only version is the one for you!

"Chapterette": Through this originally conceived idea and coined term, Artsphoria Publishing is offering each chapter with an opening poem and special illustration. Each unit is a completely creative and novel experience!

"Chapterette Pop": This "bonus" version of each chapter includes the chapter illustration as a pop-up, along with the chapter poem and text. At Artsphoria Publishing, we believe that adults also deserve to enjoy this unique blend of art and writing in print.

Print Release of Chapter 1: Philadelphia From MANY OPTIONS AROUND THE WORLD

Exciting news: Chapter 1: Philadelphia from MANY OPTIONS AROUND THE WORLD by Andrea K. Hammer is now available in print! Select your cover choice and chapter format preference, and place your orders now.

Then, please help us spread the word about MANY OPTIONS AROUND THE WORLD by Andrea K. Hammer. At Artsphoria Publishing, we are reshaping and redefining the novel through our unique Build-a-Custom Book Service!