Handmade Face Mask

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Do you need to stay safe and healthy but feel uncomfortable wearing a medical-looking face mask? Would you like to create a bright spot--while protecting yourself and others with a face covering--when you venture outside to go shopping?

A face mask from Artsphoria Shop is an affordable solution, which will also support ongoing reporting about the arts and creative entrepreneurs on Artsphoria Media Group publications. Each face covering from Artsphoria Shop is uniquely designed from two layers of cotton fabric and ear ties (or elastic loops), which may vary based on availability.

When you purchase a dozen face coverings, receive a 10% discount on the total price of your order! The completion of your package with 12 face masks will also allow the creation of an additional face covering, which will be donated to local health care workers.

To stay safe, healthy and in good spirits, order an upbeat-looking face mask from Artsphoria Shop for yourself, friends, family and colleagues now!