Artistic and Colorful Handmade Face Coverings: Order a Dozen to Support Donations for Health Care Professionals!

Posted by Andrea Karen Hammer on 21st Apr 2020

Given today's health and economic crisis, the saying that health is wealth rings with powerful truth. Without this secure starting point, pursuing creative interests, caring for a family or running a business are completely impossible.

In the face of the coronavirus epidemic, simply venturing outside to do grocery shopping can present a major risk without the proper protection. Stopping at an overly crowded pharmacy can backfire, placing your life in jeopardy. Crossing paths too closely with a neighbor during a once taken-for-granted run to the post office can unintentionally threaten your loved ones. 

Now, with the plan to re-open businesses in some areas, the importance of taking essential precautions has become more important than ever. To avoid another spike in widespread illness, simply wearing a face mask is a vital step in preventing this spread. However, this new requirement may feel uncomfortable for some, particularly those who are uneasy wearing a medical-looking face mask.

To help ease this discomfort, Artsphoria Shop offers artistic and colorful handmade face coverings, which will brighten your own as well as others' day! Here are a few samples, which may vary based on fabric and ear tie or loop availability:

Flower Power Face Mask

Would you like to spread the upbeat feeling of cheerful flowers? When you wear this face mask from Artsphoria Shop, you will definitely help others smile! Instead of adding to an already saturated world of medical images, these handmade face coverings offer positive signs of hope, renewal and growth.

Ray of Sunshine Face Mask

For families cooped up indoors, unemployed workers and the countless numbers mourning the loss of loved ones,  the coronavirus epidemic has overshadowed weeks and months with dark days. More than ever, we need to offer a bright spot to lift each other up, especially as we resume some of our previous interactions and routines. The Ray of Sunshine face mask from Artsphoria Shop will radiate light, even on a rainy day!

America Strong Face Mask

During the coronavirus epidemic, we have witnessed extraordinary moments of selflessness, support and creativity. From healthcare professionals who place others' lives before their own to musicians creating concerts from home, many have shared their strength and spirit to keep each other powering forward. The America Strong face mask is a visible sign of gratitude and encouragement that we will get to the other side of this crisis as we move ahead!

Order a Dozen Handmade Face Coverings to Support Donations for Health Care Professionals

When you order a dozen handmade face coverings (in a mixed variety of flower patterns and solid colors as well as ear ties or loops, based on availability) from Artsphoria Shop, an additional one will be donated to local health care professionals. For those who don't know how to help, this simple act will go a long way toward protecting your own health as well as your family and community. 

With your support, we can show healthcare professionals our profound gratitude for their tireless work saving lives. Please place your orders now, so we can answer this urgent need today!