Artsphoria's Home Gift Basket

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Would you like to help a friend, family member, colleague or someone special cozy up at home? Artsphoria's Home Gift Basket is filled with handcrafted items from our specially designed "Patchwork of Hope" series. 

This unique home gift basket includes the following: A "Haven" pillow will add a comforting touch to any corner of someone's home. A "House" T-shirt features a unique and easy-to-access oversized front pocket. A "Home" tote is ideal for gathering yarn or other items, which become scattered or lost in different rooms.

As a bonus, you can reuse the beautiful basket to hold newspapers, magazines or pieces for different projects! Also, when you order this home gift basket, 10% will be donated to those currently in need.

Hurry, and place your order for this special home gift basket now!